Protecting Cooling Systems Like No Other: Exclusive Mesabi® System Protectors Safeguard Against Cross-Contamination and Costly Downtime and Repairs

Protecting Cooling Systems Like No Other: Exclusive Mesabi® System Protectors Safeguard Against Cross-Contamination and Costly Downtime and Repairs

The Mesabi® System Protector™ by L&M Radiator is the answer to reliable 24/7 systems operation for heavy-duty mobile equipment applications and in-plant operations for both oil and gas and mining applications.

Mesabi System Protectors feature an exclusive dual-seal tube end safeguard and a collection chamber to prevent fluid cross-contamination, which eliminate costly repairs and downtime issues.

Featuring an industry-first design, the Mesabi System Protector incorporates a see-through plastic sight tube so if oil or antifreeze start to leak, a customer can immediately identify it. L&M Radiator also offers an optional electronic sensor for warning light notification. Preventing fluid cross-contamination is the key to eliminating expensive engine, brake and transmission repairs and costly downtime.

Initially designed for in-plant and oil field applications, L&M Radiator was asked by end users to develop System Protector technology for Caterpillar® heavy-duty haul trucks and mining equipment. The Mesabi System Protector can be used in a wide variety of heavy-duty applications, including equipment that experiences an enormous amount of vibration, such as haul trucks, wheel loaders, and frack pumps mounted on a tractor trailer.

For example, in a fracking pump operation application where fluid is pushed down the well head hole with high pressure to open fissures and fracture the ground to bring up more oil, the high vibration and thermal shock increases the potential to crack header plates or tubes. This situation can cause fluid leaks that can lead to significant transmission damage – costing upwards of $100,000 to rebuild. Detecting those leaks early with a Mesabi System Protector not only can save an operation considerable repair costs but also prevent significant equipment downtime.

Heavy-duty equipment with Mesabi System Protectors and heat exchangers also thwart thermal and mechanical shock and fatigue with L&M rubber seal ingenuity. Mesabi rubber seals eliminate thermal expansion and leaks that lead to system failure and associated expensive downtime. Proven time and again to withstand whatever comes their way, these seals are backed by L&M’s industry-best warranty.

The Mesabi System Protector also can be used to prevent expensive brake repairs. For example, a coal mine located in central North Dakota uses Caterpillar haul trucks in its open pit mine. These trucks require constant cooling – especially the brakes. Antifreeze contamination of brake fluid is expensive to repair – upwards of $200,000 for a complete clean-out of all the contamination and replacement of all parts.

With advanced leak alert detection, equipment with the Mesabi System Protector not only have an advanced warning of potential cross contamination but also are 100 percent rebuildable as internal elements can be easily removed and replaced. Individual tubes allow for easy in-the-field repair.

L&M Radiator cooling systems with the Mesabi System Protector also can be easily disassembled and cleaned internally and externally with high-pressure water.

L&M Radiator provides incomparable service to users and OEMs because all service is handled at the manufacturer level. In emergencies, L&M can ship most genuine Mesabi parts within 48 hours. Onsite technical and engineering assistance is available nearly anywhere in the world with a few days’ notice thanks to manufacturing facilities and parts depots in the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Australia.

Mesabi System Protectors protect customers’ investments by providing advance warning of minor problems before they become major issues and result in very expensive repairs. Just like L&M’s customers, L&M ingenuity and service are hard at work 24/7 to ensure heavy-duty equipment stays on the job and gets the job done – day after day – 365 days a year.


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