Mining is a challenging industry. By partnering with L&M Radiator, you have the benefit of our 60 years’ experience in design, manufacturing and support of our purpose-built Mesabi® heat transfer solutions.

Because we have designed and manufactured our own solutions since 1957, we are able to offer our customers a nearly limitless range of design options. L&M engineers work directly with customers, OEMs, engine manufacturers and fan suppliers to design reliability into every MESABI® heat exchanger. This includes working with OEMs in their plants and in the field to verify performance.

With a focus on understanding customer needs, then designing and manufacturing the very best heat transfer solutions to fulfill those needs L&M Radiator enjoys uncommonly strong customer relationships.

L&M Radiator designs, builds and tests all equipment to meet or exceed industry standards and exact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.


Limited space for engine and oil cooling.



This frac truck powered by a 16V4000 Detroit Diesel rated at 3,000 horsepower had limited deck space. L&M engineers combined both engine and oil cooling in a common framework and fan – or “V-Pack.” The radiator forms one half of a “V”-shaped frame and the oil cooler the other half. Both share a horizontal fan at the top of the “V” which pulls air through the “V” and exhausts it upward and away from people and equipment.


Limited space; high ambient temperatures.



A blast hole drill rig required multi-functional cooling. Space was limited and with a height restriction. A second challenge was cooling adequate for worldwide ambient temperature extremes. L&M placed all four cooling functions into a single unit. Engine cooling is by standard MESABI® Model CSC™ 350 aluminum coolers. The flexible design feature MESABI® heat exchangers allowed the number of cooling tubes for each cooler to be optimized to assure cooling at high ambient temperatures.