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Complete radiators - tanks, core and framework - can be specified for all OEM heavy-duty diesel engine cooling. If only the core is desired, MESABI® cores interchange with virtually all conventional bolt-on cores. Radiators are available with special coatings for saltwater and other corrosive environments. Designs available to meet all current and past emission requirements and standards.


From the simple to the complex, including remote power units with fans and drives.

BOSS™ Radiator

The BOSS™ (Brass Off Shore Service) is designed for equipment working in corrosive environments. It features brass finning brazed to brass tubes. Mild steel framework is coated for offshore service; stainless steel framework optional.

V-Tube Core™

Tube Configuration Options

tube configuration options

The V-tube core is designed for work-sites where cores may be subject to external clogging due to dirt and debris. Tubes are configured to create open passages. Finning is V-shaped to resist material hang-up. Debris slides past tubes and through passages. Debris too large for passages is easily removed with high-pressure water or air.


The L&M Radiator Warranty consists of the L&M Radiator General Warranty and the L&M Product Specific Warranty.

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Complete engine package
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BOSS Radiator
BOSS™ Radiator

V-tube configuration options

V-Tube Core™