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MESABI® Retrofit Replacement Radiators for Caterpillar® Cores

(Sized to meet Cat® engine specifications)

Build MESABI® radiator dependability into your Cat® equipment:

  • Purchase a complete MESABI® retrofit replacement radiator.
  • Let L&M Radiator convert your Cat® frame into a new MESABI® Core
    Radiator – and save.

L&M Radiator can replace Cat® folded cores, AMOCS, air-to-oil and air-to-air coolers, after-coolers, and tube and shell coolers. Special programs available for fleet conversions. Contact L&M Radiator for complete details.


The L&M Radiator Warranty consists of the L&M Radiator General Warranty and the L&M Product Specific Warranty.

View L&M General Warranty

View L&M Product Specific Warranty - MESABI® replacement radiators for Caterpillar® folded cores

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Copper Tube Radiators, Cores, Charge Air Coolers
Approx. 2.7mb

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