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MESABI® heat exchangers are designed in all shapes, sizes and capacities for cooling water, oil or air. L&M engineers work directly with customers, OEMs, engine manufacturers and fan suppliers to design reliability into every MESABI® heat exchanger. This includes working with OEMs in their plants and in the field to verify performance.

Challenge :

Limited space for engine
and oil cooling.

Solution :

“V-Pack” heat exchanger package.

This frac truck powered by a 16V4000 Detroit Diesel rated at 3,000 horsepower had limited deck space. L&M engineers combined both engine and oil cooling in a common framework and fan – or
“V-Pack.” The radiator forms one half of a “V”-shaped frame and the oil cooler the other half. Both share a horizontal fan at the top of the “V” which pulls air through the “V” and exhausts it upward and away from people and equipment.

Limited space challenge

Challenge :

Limited space; high ambient temperatures.

Solution :

Low profile, multi-cooler package.

A blast hole drill rig required multi-functional cooling. Space was limited and with a height restriction. A second challenge was cooling adequate for worldwide ambient temperature extremes. L&M placed all four cooling functions into a single unit. Engine cooling is by standard MESABI® Model CSC™ 350 aluminum coolers. The flexible design feature MESABI® heat exchangers allowed the number of cooling tubes for each cooler to be optimized to assure cooling at high ambient temperatures.